Carlmont Parents Nursery School

CPNS is a parent participation, co-operative, play-based developmental preschool for children ages 2 to 5 years.


Over 50 Years of Experience.

Located in Belmont, CA, and founded in 1961, we are a community of children, parents, and teachers working together with the common goal of stronger, healthier families.

We believe that the wellbeing of children, their senses of self, their values and their perspectives on the world are all greatly shaped by those charged with their care.


Our children’s program is designed to provide a gradual and smooth transition into formal education. When children learn at their own pace through guided exploration and experimentation, in a safe and loving environment, full of developmentally appropriate activities, their discoveries are boundless.

Open-ended exploration allows children time and space to develop skills by playing, tinkering, making mistakes, experiencing both success and failure, and reflecting on their own thinking.


Our Campus

A Beautiful, Large, and Open Campus

A child-directed program, with 5 classrooms and a huge outdoor area, means that children can play inside or outside when their body and spirit needs to.

There is always a place to have quiet time, active time, alone time or together time.

CPNS is a place to learn independence, foster a joy of learning, and build interpersonal skills that will last a lifetime. 


Becoming the Best Parent You Can Be

In-Depth Parent Education
and Support

As a member of the Sequoia District Adult School, CPNS offers monthly seminars in child development and early childhood education, plus hands-on experience and coaching in the classroom. In addition, parents have almost unlimited access to a child development expert who knows both you and your child and can offer skilled advice and answer your parenting and education questions.

A Community, Not Just a School.

Our community is made up of like-minded parents who consciously decide to be actively involved in their children's education, and commit themselves to give of their talents and their time.

In this busy Bay Area, families are often juggling many different things. It's easier when you have a strong network or community to rely on. These families will be your friends—and your child’s friends—for years to come.