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Carlmont Parents Nursery School is a parent participation co-operative school. Once a week, for two and a half hours, you get to facilitate your child's growth and play with the support of our experienced teachers. Younger siblings can stay in our Nursery while you participate. We also allow a six week maternity leave.

Parent Participation is a wonderful opportunity for both children and parents. Teaming parents with a skilled teacher keeps the child-to-adult ratio below four children to one adult. This low ratio means a safe and extraordinarily diverse environment for children to explore. Rather than the teacher being tied to one activity, she is available to guide valuable learning for both you and your child, meeting the individual needs of children, smoothing issues as they arise, and overseeing the myriad of activities which go on simultaneously throughout the school.

So who is the student?

As well as a nursery school, CPNS is an adult education program provided through the Sequoia Adult School. Your children provide the "laboratory setting" for your studies. You will observe the teachers anticipating and dealing with challenges which children create. You will learn techniques and language to use at home through classroom modeling and parenting seminars. By discussing examples of behavior and discipline as they occur, you will gain new understanding of the needs of young children and what roles you can play in meeting them.

At CPNS, while interacting directly with other children and adults, you will watch your own children working hard to master new skills and navigate communications with peers and adults during the varied situations that arise through play. This opportunity for observation provides you new perspectives on your child's unique developmental path and on your parenting choices for your child.

When you participate in our co-operative learning environment you join a team of individuals who share their creativity and passion for their own children's education with the group. This creates a whole greater than the sum of its parts. Parents at CPNS share a common desire for healthy development for children and for our continual growth as parents. After spending a year working closely together toward common goals, you will develop bonds of friendship, some which may last a lifetime.

As children move on to elementary school, parents have fewer opportunities to observe, shape and guide their children. Now is the time to see what your child sees, to see how they react to challenges, to see how they interact with their peers, to see when they need support and to guide them as they grow. Participating now will provide the keys to understanding what you can't see directly later.

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