Going Green

CPNS has always worked to keep its ecological footprint as small as that of a child.

Cleaning Products

In 2007 we reduced the size of that footprint by changing our cleaning products. Chlorine bleach and other harmful chemicals in typical cleaning products have been linked to numerous cancers and respiratory ailments, as well as learning and behavioral problems in children. At a time when toxicity levels in children's environments are reaching dangerous heights, Sheila Holmes, past CPNS mom, saw the need to make some changes. That's why we implemented the use of EnvirOx cleaning products -- non-toxic, biodegradable products that are just as effective as typical cleaners and sanitizers, without harmful side effects for our children and our planet. These healthier products are not only strong enough to stop staph bacteria and the flu virus but also provide better indoor air quality without compromising our children's immune systems with toxic chemicals.

Special thanks to fellow CCPPNS school El Cerrito Preschool Cooperative for their excellent work in researching and developing this cleaning model.

We've been composting for years, and our cleaning routine went officially green in 2007.

Recycling & Composting

CPNS actively tries to reduce our landfill use and impact on the earth. We recycle cans, bottles, paper, plastic and also compost all of our food waste weekly. The maintenance of our recycling and composting efforts has become a part of the school's culture for both the adults and kids. Also, the teachers make sure that our activities use reused/recycled materials as much as possible. Children create sculptures and other works of art by reusing many items once relegated to the garbage.

By taking such strides toward creating a more healthy, eco-friendly environment, the CPNS community hopes to do their part to protect our families and our planet.