Will you accept registration forms prior to the designated Registration Days?

No. Each year our registration process begins in January/February for the fall. We have two Registration Days--the first is for returning families and alumni, the second is for new families. For new families, the Registration Day will be held on the same day as our Open House. Families who miss our Open House should contact membership to arrange a tour. Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Mailed-in applications will be processed after those received at Open House.


Can someone else register my child for me on Registration Days?

Yes. If you are unable to turn in your child's application personally due to sickness or vacation, then another family member or friend may do so on your behalf.

Where can I get registration forms?

Registration is conducted online from our Registration Page. You must attend a private tour or an Open House event to submit an application.

What jobs and teams are available?

Jobs and placement on a particular team are allocated based on people's skills and interests. More detailed information is available at our Open House and Registration Days or from our VP Membership.

"CPNS is a tremendous spring board to what lies ahead after preschool. Thanks to the training, leadership opportunities, and parent involvement at CPNS, alumni continue to serve and have an extraordinary impact on the local community at many levels. Most importantly, parents stay involved in their children's education well after preschool in many roles. In leadership or serving, CPNS continues its tradition of parent involvement and healthy children in kindergarten and beyond. We are grateful for our experience there, and we feel a strong community partnership with our CPNS families." Missy Bechtel, CPNS Parent 1999 - 2003

I am registering more than one child. Do I fill out a separate form for each child?

Multiple children may be registered on a single application with a single family application fee.

I'm not sure which class I want my child in (or whether there will be room for me). What should I do?

Materials will be handed out at Open House to assist you with your decision. In addition, you can consult with the teachers and the director to help you choose the class that works best for your family. If you are still unsure, rank your choices 1, 2, 3, on the application form. You will be informed of your class placement by mid-April. We will try to place you in your first choice; however, if your first choice is not available you will be enrolled in your second choice and wait-listed for your first choice.

I'm not sure if I can or want to enroll in Pre-K next year. What should I do?

Pre-Kindergarten is for children eligible for kindergarten enrollment the following fall. Pre-K is also limited to 18 students. If you are considering Pre-K for your child you should register for Pre-K at this time. More information on the Pre-K program can be found on the Curriculum Page. If you have more specific questions please contact membership. You will need to make a firm decision by March when your non-refundable deposit (applied to your May Pre-K tuition) will be due.

I am expecting a baby before September, and I am planning to use the nursery. What should I do?

Sign up for the nursery service, and indicate the expected birth date.

I may be interested in serving on the board next year, but I need more information. With whom do I speak?

If you are possibly interested, by all means indicate this on your Application and Job Preference Form. If you get into a class and there are still positions available then the jobs coordinator will contact you.

When will we find out if we were placed in a class and how to we hold our spot?

In-house and Alumni registration begins first in January. New family applications are processed in February with a March commitment deadline. In order to reserve your family's spot at CPNS, a non-refundable deposit (equal to one month's tuition) must be submitted. This non-refundable deposit is used for the May tuition. Should you decide not to attend CPNS or do not complete the year you forfeit your deposit.

How does the waitlist process work?

If the class you want is full the $75 application fee will put you on a waitlist and you will be contacted when a place opens up. You can be in one class and still be waitlisted for another. The waitlist is designed to accommodate the goal of gender balance in each of the classes so, for example, if a class is overbalanced with boys, a girl further down on the waiting list may be given preference over a boy further up, and vice versa. This is not to discriminate, but to avoid an overbalance by gender.

Does my child need to be potty trained to attend CPNS?

No, we do not require children to be potty trained in any program at CPNS.

The school year already started, can I still enroll my child?

Although we run on a traditional school year calendar (Sept-May), we do enroll new students through January, space permitting.

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